Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Life is an Adventure

I'm really no good at blogging and it's something I definitely need to work on. I'm always on my blog, but just to look at friends and families blogs. Hold up -- I actually do update my COOKING blog quite a bit so I can't say I'm horrible at it.

Anyway, I just wanted to update everyone on what's going on in our lives right now (and what went on the past couple months :/). Kjarom and I had a couple weeks off from school and work so we had the chance to go out and travel. Our first stop was in Tokyo! It was only about a month after the whole earthquake disaster in Sendai and we were somewhat worried, but after the first few earthquakes that first day, it just seemed normal. It was funny though... Kjarom had never felt an earthquake before so when I was feeling one I told him to hold still so he could feel it, but instead he kinda freaked out and kept moving around so he wouldn't have to feel it. haha LOVE HIM. While in Japan, my dad took us all down to Hiroshima to see the peace museum and other sites close by. Here are a couple pictures from the Japan trip:

Okay so here we are with the Miyajima shine in the background. Apparently this is one of the top 5 most beautiful sites in Japan and I believe it! There is also so much culture at the island. I love it!

Yes! One of my favorite places to go while in Japan is the day spa. You get dressed up in yukatas and they have all sorts of things you can do. You can even have fish eat the dead skin off your feet and hands. YIKES... I couldn't get myself to do that. But the massages were wonderful -- as always :).

Our next stop was Pennsylvania (and Washington DC). Kjarom's family lives in PA so we went there to visit. His little brother and sister both recently got their mission calls (both to Brazil) and so we travelled down to Washington DC to go through the temple with them. Such a neat experience and man that temple is BEAUTIFUL! Sadly, we didn't take many pictures there, but here's one that I HAVE to post :

This is Rhonin - our nephew. On our drive down to DC we were entertained the entire time by this adorable little boy. (Seriously though... isn't he the cutest?) Kjarom kept him laughing for quite a big chunk of the drive down and back. I do have a video of him cracking up -- see my facebook.

This picture was taken at a Bee's game this past weekend. Kjarom has never been a fan of baseball, but I grew up around it and I played T-ball, Pitching Machine and then moved on to fast pitch softball. Was one of my favorite sports I played growing up. So I may have enjoyed this activity more than he did, but he still thought it was fun to get out and do something different. There were supposed to be fireworks after the game, but as you know baseball games can last forever when they go into extra innings. It hit 11:30 and they were still going so we ended up just leaving and missing the fireworks. Oh well! Maybe next time :)

I'll get better about updating this blog too -- promise :)

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