Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Baby Pedersen is on his or her way! (15 weeks)

Kjarom and I are beyond excited for this little sweetheart to join our family.  We both have SO much love to give!  We have already shared this photo below on Facebook, but we need to document this on our blog so we've got an easy way to go back to it.  We are happy to have another huge Cougar fan join us ... and Stanford fan whenever they aren't playing BYU. :)  If you really know us, you know that we are probably some of the BIGGEST BYU fans so it shouldn't come as a surprise that the way we announce this is with our first baby purchase/gift (it came from my mom) -- BYU booties! 

And here I am at 15 weeks!  I still don't feel like I am looking pregnant yet.  I'm sure it will come in the next couple weeks.  At all of my doctor appointments I have seen different nurses/docs doing my ultrasound.  Each time they comment on how energetic our little one is.  He or she love to show off for us.  I wonder where they get it.... (a'hem not me).  We get to go in and see our little one again next week and then in three more weeks we will be having the full anatomy ultrasound.  

Kjarom has been so cute.  He is so incredibly excited to have a son or daughter.  He will be such a loving, fun father!

Now I know I'm not very formal when it comes to my writing.  Sorry!  But this is my simple way of journaling the whole experience and keeping the rest of you up to date.  Maybe with the new one on the way I will actually be better about updating this.  Now our life is much more exciting!

Love you all and thank you for all your love and support!