Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saying Our Goodbyes

This week a few goodbyes had to be made... :(

The FIRST was a goodbye to my little brother, Kurtis on Wednesday. He will be serving in the Tokyo, Japan mission. I guess us Murray's are just meant to be in that country! My dad served in Japan and now him and my mom are living over there AND my two older brothers both served in Nagoya, Japan.

This was a HARD goodbye for me. Kurtis and I grew up doing everything together. He truly is one of my best friends. It's hard going from talking all the time to not at all. I haven't gotten a letter from him yet because I'm assuming his P-day is on Monday or Tuesday. I've sent him a few letters and one package. I told him I would send him a package every Friday. I was worried taking my first one into the post mart in Provo because I was thinking since it was same day delivery, it would be expensive. However, to my surprise it was ONLY $2! I can do this EASY. Maybe I'll send him more than 1 a week? We'll see :)

Kurtis and I outside of the condo before taking him up to the MTC. I was trying SO hard to fight back the tears and I was doing so well... until we gave our final hugs there at the MTC. Two years is a LONG time you guys! :(

The crew taking him up to the MTC

I love this picture. My mom didn't seem to get as sad as I did, but then again she is living where he will be serving and I have no doubt that they'll see each other fairly soon.

Our SECOND goodbye was to Kjarom's Subaru. We decided it was time to get rid of the car so we could start to look for a more family friendly 4-wheel drive. Right now we're leaning towards a nissan rogue, but we'll see! Anyone know of some great used car lots in the area? Let me know!

Hope your week was better than ours :(