Friday, September 24, 2010

Love of my Life

August 19, 2010 - A date never to be forgotten.

We are so happy together and quite honestly don't know where we would be without each other. Our wedding day was simply amazing. Even though we got a down pour about thirty minutes after we came out of the temple... we still got quite a few good photos (which we have yet to order... we'll get there soon!). It soon cleared up though and the weather was perfect for our reception. I found myself having to step back to look around me. It's insane how quick the day went by. I want to take the time to thank all of those that were able
to be a part of our big day. It was so great to be able to celebrate with all our amazing family and friends. I will post a few photos that we do have from the day and once we finally pick out and receive our professional photos, they will be up!

Also, here is the link to our AMAZING wedding video: CLICK HERE
Chris McClain was our videographer and my breath was taken away by what he produced for us. To all those about to be married or will eventually, BOOK HIM! Spend less on the reception and put your money towards something you can keep and look at in the years to come. I could not be more happy with Chris. He will also be making us a longer video with different shots as well as family shots and outside the temple with all our friends/family.


(more coming)

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  1. Your wedding video is my MOST WATCHED video of all time! So beautiful. Love you both.